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Known as El Palacio de Elorriaga by the locals, this Manor from the XVI-XVII Century, is tipical from the llanada Alavesa and catalogued by the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz, was restored in full respecting the architectural features of the time, getting a Hotel with charm.

Testimonials found in the Hotel books, remind our Palacio de Elorriaga as a prison for preats and also a shelter-bombing during the Spanish Civil war.

It’s a privilege to be a guest in “El Palacio de Elorriaga”, plenty of history and mysteries. And is also an honor share this pages of history with many distinguishedguests. “ The History, the memory, the old times, wellcome us “,(says a renowned journalist during his visit to the Hotel).

“There’re Manors that had accumulate humans culture and they saw it in all the senses”.




Fachada del Hotel